Market Umbrella Collection 2015/2016

Sunshine Palms 9 foot market umbrella
Sunshine Palms $579.  Bright and Cheery Caribbean Colors to brighten up the place.
Aqua Palms $579
Aqua Palms $579. Cool and Calm Aqua Colored Backdrop is perfect next to pool or ocean.
Hand Painted Market Umbrella, "Tuscany". Rich hues blend for a Tuscan Feel.
Tuscany $679. European Motif for dining al fresco in true Tuscan Style.
Hand Painted Fish Motif Umbrella, "Laguna.
Laguna $699. Playful Fish Motif in a blue/green palette adds the right touch of whimsy.
Hand Painted Market Umbrella "Poppies" $759
Poppies $759. A true Stunner ….a Contemporary Design that will make a statement.
Flower Garden Border Umbrella $699
Flower Garden $699. A Cottage Design for the Cottage House and Garden.
A full spectrum of color in this delightful Hand Painted Market Umbrella named for a town in Italy with colorful houses.
Veneto $759. A full spectrum of colors depict a Colorful Town in Italy.
Bella Grigio $699. A Wine Lover's Umbrella to wine and dine under.
Bella Grigio $699. A Wine Lover’s Umbrella to wine and dine under.
Bella Vita $699
Bella Vita $699. A Classic Sand/Gold Wine Umbrella to suit many spaces.
Monet's Garden
“Monet’s Garden” $699. Inspired by Monet’s Paintings in a Cool Palette.
Splash of Color
“Splash of Color” $699. A Full Spectrum of Color  packs a full “punch” .