Hand Painted Market Umbrella Collection 2015/Canvas in the Garden/Artist-Garrison Wayne

Tuscan Olives $549

Tuscan Olives $579

“Tuscan Olives” is a European Motif styled by Garrison Wayne to remind you of a trip to Provence or Italy. In a two- tone  Mossy Green and Splendid Orange , this Hand Painted Market Umbrella is sure to fit right in at your own Private Villa.

Aqua Palms $549

Aqua Palms $579

“Aqua Palms” is a refreshing Hand Painted Market Umbrella in cool Aqua Blue Tones to keep a cool feel by the Pool or just about anywhere you might want to feel like you are by Tropical Waters underneath the fronds of a Palm Tree Grove sipping a cool drink.

Caliente Palms $549

Caliente Palms $579

“Caliente Palms” is “Hot, Hot, Hot!” This fiery Hand Painted Market Umbrella is absolutely going to pick up the place. Red Tones are featured prominently to give you a bold statement that will invigorate your entire outdoor space. The touch of purple adds the perfect element of surprise.

Hand Painted Market Umbrella "Fish Tank". A Garrison Wayne design.

Fish Tank $759

“Fish Tank” is a truly whimsical take on an aquarium Theme. This Hand Painted Market Umbrella will put a smile on anyone’s face with its cheery colors. It will please everyone from one to ninety-two. The Blue Tones will compliment a day with Clear Skies.

Cactus Flower Hand Painted Market Umbrella by Garrison Wayne

Cactus Flower $699

“Cactus Flower” is a richly colored Contemporary Desert Themed Market Umbrella. The two-tone Gold/Yellow will give your outdoor space a glow that will be most inviting. The red flowers are the perfect contrast. This is a favorite of Garrison Wayne.

Bella Vita $699

Bella Vita $699

“Bella Vita” is Hand Painted by Garrison for those Wine Enthusiasts out there. Garrison is well known for his designs featuring Wine Bottles. This version, in a classic sand color, is sure to fit in for those with a more subdued palette. It will pair well with stone and wrought iron. It will also pair well with fresh white or off-white furnishings…….just open a good bottle of wine and relax!

Bella Grigio $699

Bella Grigio $699

“Bella Grigio” is similar to “Bella Vita”, only it features a Garden Green background for those who love to surround themselves with plenty of wonderful Greenery. Green is always a good choice for the garden or patio. Green is a color that has no trouble fitting in.

A full spectrum of color in this delightful Hand Painted Market Umbrella named for a town in Italy with colorful houses.

Veneto $759

“Veneto” is a Market Umbrella of many colors. Garrison Hand Paints all colors in a tone on tone fashion. He is well known for this textural way of painting. The colorful houses are inspired by a town in Italy named “Veneto”. Tourists from all over the world visit there each year, just to see all the colorful houses.

Tropical design hand painted market umbrella

Paradise $759

“Paradise” is a richly colored Tropical Market Umbrella that is based on one of Garrison Wayne’s first designs from 15 or more years ago. Garrison had great success with this design then and he has included it this year realizing how beautiful it is, and how much he missed painting it. A good design never goes out of fashion. This one’s a stunner!

Jubilee $699

Jubilee $759

Jubilee” is a Contemporary Paisley in a full spectrum of colors. Paisley is one of Garrison Wayne’s favorite designs/motifs. Nothing can unite the many colors like a good paisley design. The bold Black Leaves on this Hand Painted Umbrella make it a classic. It can grace a home with great finery.

Tropical Hand Painted Market Umbrella

Tropicale $699

“Tropicale” is the latest offering at Canvas in the Garden. There are a lot of requests for Market Umbrellas Hand Painted with Palm Trees on them. This combination of Green, Blue, Red, and Orange provides a variety of colors to brighten up your space. It will go well with colorful pottery, tiles, dishes, etc. This design will be featured at the La Quinta Arts Festival this year.

Hand Painted Market Umbrella, "Tuscany". Rich hues blend for a Tuscan Feel.

“Tuscany” $699″

“Tuscany” has been updated from an earlier design to feature Garrison Wayne’s Tone on Tone Painting style that he is well known for. This Hand Painted Market Umbrella, with its Ochre Gold and Deep Complimentary Colors will transform any space into a Tuscan Getaway.

Sunshine Palms 9 foot market umbrella

Sunshine Palms $579

This cheerful Palm Tree Motif with a bright two-tone yellow background can just make a person happy. “Sunshine Palms” can take a drab or dull day and add just the right amount of color to totally change the mood. This one will shine on!

Hand Painted Umbrella "La Quinta" $629

La Quinta $629

This Mission Influenced Umbrella is named for the town Garrison Wayne lives in; “La Quinta”. Located in the California Desert, this Umbrella will fit right in with it’s rich Terracotta and Montezuma Gold.

Flower Garden Border Umbrella $699

Flower Garden $699

This new Floral Border Umbrella is hand painted in a Cool Green and a Sunshine Yellow. The Flowers are in 5 Cheery Colors and are positioned in a relaxed random fashion. This Umbrella is perfect for the Garden Lover or the Cottage Home.

Hand Painted Fish Motif Umbrella, "Laguna.

Laguna $699

“Laguna” is a lively design worked in Blues and Greens. It would be perfect positioned by the water. It is named for a favorite West Coast Town that is known well as an Artist’s Community. The “Cool Tones” are soothing and strikingly beautiful.

Hand Painted Market Umbrella "Poppies" $759

Poppies $759

“Poppies” is a Bold New Design for the Contemporary Home. The Vibrant Red Flowers have even more impact with the Bright Yellow/Gold Canopy and the Tuscan Green Border. Punctuated with the Black Centers, this one is a STANDOUT.



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